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September 2009
September, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 2
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Whats news: Introducing our Sales Team
Customer profile: Olectric systems
Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
Next month preview: Aquaspy
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Thinking PCB's ...?  think Entech Electronics
Entech Electronics is today the major supplier of PCB's to the Australian and NZ market.  Our services extend from single and double panel prototype services, to high volume, high complexity PCB's, supplied directly to OEM's and contract manufacturers in Australia, China, UK and the USA. 

Entech has been for the last 25 years a manufacturer of PCB's in our Australian factory, whilst also being able to deliver China pricing through our range of joint venture and partnerships with PCB factories in Korea, Taiwan and China.  Our partnerships are now so strong and productive, that delivery times as short as 3 days, are possible, including our prototyping services which are now facilitated through our China mainland partner factories.
At Entech, our core strength in the PCB product line is that we intimately understand the manufacturing process required to produce your PCB's. We choose one of our partners's based on the technology and capacity fit, and you can rest assured in a quality result every time.  We handle in-house the manufacturing lay-up of your production panels, sorting out the technical difficulties directly with you.  We also generate the plot files and net-list test files for you PCB, and supply these to our circuit factories.
Over the last 14 years Entech's ability to deliver world competitive pricing and lead-times has seen us established as the premier vendor of quality PCB's in Australia.  For all your PCB needs please call your customer service person on +61 8 82456789, or email your enquiry to:

Whats news:  Introducing Graham Savage
graham savage
For everyone who may have communicated with Graham Savage, over the years, we would like to put a face to the name.

Graham has been in our printed circuit board Customer Liaison department for nearly 20 years.  Graham was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK and has 2 children, both girls and 2 dogs.  His favourite teams are Hull KR (Rugby league), The Adelaide Crows (Aussie rules), Leeds United and North Adelaide.  Graham undertook a tour of duty in Her Majesty's Navy.

Graham is a qualified electroplater who brings a wealth of technical knowledge, as well as many years of customer service experience to our sales team.  To contact Graham or any of the sales team members give us a call on +61 8 82456789 or email us at sales@ecg.entechgroup.net
Olectric systems customer and product profile
olectric article
Olectric Systems Pty Ltd provides premium electrical and electronics services to the marine industry. The business, founded by Director Guy Oliver, has been in operation for nearly 20 years and has established an enviable domestic and international reputation in both new vessel fit-out and the service market.

In the last few years Olectric Systems has developed a range of "off the shelf" gauges and PCB backed tactile switches for use in marine applications.  Most of these products are subjected directly to the elements, and as we all know, salt water is no friend of electronics.  Entech partnered with Olectric Systems to develop this switching technology, and assembly design and processes that ensure the switches and controls are sealed from the elements on both sides, and provide a long life and durable solution to the ever increasing complexity of electronics in marine applications.
The success of the technology has seen it further developed into complete control and instrumentation panels, custom manufactured typically in quantities of 2.  This type of customization comes at a price, but then so do the boats they are fitted too.  Entech partners with Olectric Systems from conceptual drawings, through user interface schematics, panel layout and ergonomics, graphic design and CAD/CAM for the design of the panel flanges , gaskets, backplates and cable gland attachments. Entech then manufacturers and assembles the panels to Olectric Systems specification, and delivers product ready for installation and wiring into the boat.

To discuss your marine gauge and control requirements please contact Olectric Systems at admin@olectric.com

Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
A custom LCD could be just the thing to make your product stick out from the crowd.  A custom LCD also makes economic sense, as unit pricing is more often than not, cheaper than a generic display of the same size and drive technology.  Tooling for passive  LCD's start from as low as $600USD and head upwards from there depending on the the crystal/fluid type and driver technology you require.  To get an accurate quote on your requirements, or to get help with an LCD for your next product, drop our engineer department an email on: eeos@eem.entechgroup.net  and they will get back to you to discuss your needs.
Next Month: Aquaspy
Intelligent water management reduces the need for costly new alternatives including recycling and desalination. It means knowing how much water is being used and where it can be saved. To do this effectively you need intelligence - AquaSpy intelligence.
Thousands of clients worldwide use AquaSpy solutions to save water, money and maintain optimum plant health. With AquaSpy, water use in irrigation can be reduced by 20-70%, depending upon the application.
Entech Electronics is committed to being your one stop manufacturing partner. From your smallest PCB needs, to large scale turnkey manufacture, we have the capability and commitment to deliver on your requirements.
Your friendly customer service team,
Entech Electronics