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October 2009
October, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 3
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Whats news: Introducing our Sales Team
Customer profile: AquaSpy
Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
Next month preview: ASC
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Only 10 weeks to Christmas......!
   Have you thought about your PCB, Graphic products , PCA and turnkey assembly requirements over the Christmas and January period? 

  At Entech Electronics we see a rush of PCB and Graphic product ordering every year in late November and early December as our customers realise the break period is almost on them.  Whether you are pre-building stock so you can have a good Christmas break, or your MRP system doesn't take into account the non-working days, it doesn't really matter as the result is the same.  You have demands for products, and you need your PCB's to be able to make them.

  With only 10 weeks to go it is even more important to review your demand for PCA and turnkey product, as many products have raw material lead times in excess of 6 weeks.

   For all your needs please call your customer service person on +61 8 82456789, or email your enquiry to:

Whats news:  Introducing our Sales Team
sales team 4
Jason Reeves joined Entech in 1993, working as a Radio Trades Technician in our Contract Assembly area.  Jason's career at Entech has see him working as the test department leading hand, project Manager, production Manager, customer service representative, Customer service Manager, and for the last 4 years as the Sales Manager for the Western Australian, South Australian and USA markets. Jason has over 16 years with Entech, and a good understanding of the technical challenges involved in manufacturing your product.


Ken Duldig has been with Entech for just over 10 years. Ken has a long background in the design and testing of precision electronics equipment for the test and measurement industry.  Ken has a very good understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in manufacturing your product, and can confidently assist you when your product requires some design for manufacture input, or you are looking to have a current product competitively quoted. Ken now actively represents the New South wales, Queensland and New Zealand North Island markets.

Shane Curran is probably Entech's most recognised face.  Shane was the inaugural member of our sales team, and the first person in Entech to take an "active selling" approach to the Australian market.  Prior to Shane joining Entech, our growth had been via organic (ie our customers growing) and word of mouth only.  Over the years Shane's roll has evolved from the sales of PCB's, to include graphics products, and now full turn-key manufacture.  Shane is active in the Victorian, Tasmania and New Zealand south Island markets

Wayne started with Entech in 1992, as an undergraduate engineer, performing PCB layout and product documentation and control.  Since that time Wayne has had many rolls in Entech including, Production Engineer, Customer project Manager, Customer Service representative, Production Manager, Operations Manager and General manager.  Today Waynes roll is Director of Gobal Sales and Engineering.  Entech's current markets include Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, UK and Europe.

Jason, Ken, Shane and Wayne bring a wealth of PCB and electronics manufacturing experience to our sales efforts.  Together they represent more than 80 years of sales experience, with over 40 of those years specific to the electronics industry. If you require products and services, and you would like to discuss your needs with one of the sales team, please do hesitate to phone and ask for them by name (+61 8 82456789), or email your request to sales@eem.entechgroup.net
AquaSpy customer and product profile
aquaspy article
AquaSpy Group designs, manufactures and distributes moisture sensors and smart information technology for the irrigation market worldwide. AquaSpy Group is active in the urban landscape, turf, golf, municipal, agriculture and biotech markets.

Entech Electronics and AquaSpy have been working together for almost 6 years now to engineer a product which is manufacturable, robust and reliable in harsh environments and over extended periods of time.  Entech is involved in nearly all aspects of the various probe and telemetry system  manufacture.

AquaSpy has developed many different probes for many different applications over the years, ranging from The "AquaBlu" turf and garden probe, to 1500mm deep soil probes for orchard and deep routed crops.  Each probe has it's own engineering and manufacturing difficulties which have been collaboratively resolved over the years.

Aquaspy probes need to have the ability to communicate at low voltage levels, over extended distances in copper wire.  The solution here was again a collaborative effort with AquaSpy designing the communications drive circuitry, whilst Entech Electronics manufactured a custom  and cost effective cable to suit the application.

Entech Electronics provides to Aquaspy, Engineerings services, PCB's, PCA,'s injection molded plastics, Graphics and membrane products, custom wire and harness, metal work, as well as full supply chain management and turnkey manufacturing.

To obtain a quotation for your custom  design or engineering project, contact your Entech sales representative, or email our engineering department at eeos@eem.entechgroup.net
Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
A custom LCD could be just the thing to make your product stick out from the crowd.  A custom LCD also makes economic sense, as unit pricing is more often than not, cheaper than a generic display of the same size and drive technology.  Tooling for passive  LCD's start from as low as $600USD and head upwards from there depending on the the crystal/fluid type and driver technology you require.  To get an accurate quote on your requirements, or to get help with an LCD for your next product, drop our engineer department an email on: eeos@eem.entechgroup.net  and they will get back to you to discuss your needs.
Next Month: ASC
ASC preview
The Collins Class submarines are a key element of Australia's Defence Force, both as an intelligence-gathering platform during peace time and as a forceful opponent during times of war.
Read next month about Entech Electronics involvement in the building, improvement and maintaining of systems and sub-systems for the ASC.
Entech Electronics is committed to being your one stop manufacturing partner. From your smallest PCB needs, to large scale turnkey manufacture, we have the capability and commitment to deliver on your requirements.
Your friendly customer service team,
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