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January 2010
January, 2010 - Vol 2, Issue 1
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Whats news: Entech Christmas Party
Customer and product profile: Ingenium Technologies
Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
Next month preview: ThinLinx
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Welcome to 2010.....
All the staff at Entech Electronics would like to take the opportunity thank all our customers for their continued patronage through 2009, and to wish everyone a prosperous 2010.

In 2009 there were many changes, improvements and restructuring at Entech Electronics, the result for which holds us in good stead for the years ahead.  The later half of 2009 saw a return to stronger ordering by our Australian clients.  Our international markets in China, USA and Europe are beginning to  follow the Australian lead, with indications in these markets of a strong recovery.

For our clients who purchase products through our Hong Kong and/or China operations, we think it is timely to remind you of the Chinese new year closure in Feb 2010.  For those who are interested 2010 is actually year 4707 on the Chinese calendar and is the year of the Tiger. 

The Entech  Electronics Shenzhen Factory will only be taking the formal (government) holidays from Feb 13th to 17th.  Many of our component suppliers however will be taking extended shutdowns this year.  We have taken these closures into account with delivery commitments already made, however if you are concerned about a possible effect, or you have an urgent requirement please contact your customer representative on
+61 8 82456789, or email your enquiry to:
Whats news:  Entech Electronics Australia Christmas Party
christmas party

Entech Electronics traditional Christmas party is a chance for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy a great Aussie BBQ, and celebrate the year that was.

This year we had three barbeques cooking for nearly 2 hours to feed the masses.  As always a fine selection BBQ meats and vegetarian sausages and burgers were available, as well as salads, cold meats and good selection of  South Australia's finest sea food.

Our time was made more enjoyable by Clayton Werner, from Customer liaison, who impressed us all with his skill on guitar and ukulele. 

There was also a staff Chris Kringle ( or secret Santa if you prefer) that saw many surprising and thoughtful gifts given by staff members.  We also had the suppliers raffle.  This years raffle had  many quality bottles of wine, chocolates and other merchandise given generously by Entech's suppliers.  Entech' staff are appreciative of the Christmas spirit shown by our suppliers.

Of course there was lots of eating and drinking by all, and a fantastic afternoon socialising and dicussion about the forthcoming holiday period.

To those who organised the event, and were then left with the aftermath, a warm thankyou from all of the staff at Entech Electronics, who I can assure you enjoyed themselves immensely.
Customer and product profile: Ingenium Technologies
ingenium article 3

Ingenium Technologies focuses on the development of innovative solar energy products that maximise power extraction from standard photovoltaic solar cells.

Their unique PowerSTAR solar regulators can extract an extra 30% power from solar cells, thereby allowing system installation and life cycle costs to be minimised.

A number of advanced features such as battery management, data logging and systems diagnostics facilitate the ease of installation and operation of the PowerSTAR regulators.

Ingenium Technologies approached Entech Electronics several years ago, having developed their proprietary Algorithms and hardware, with a complete packaged the product.  The packaging at that time consisted of a custom billet  machined plastic plastic enclosure, and a custom billet machine aluminium base plate/heatsink.  These two components were adding significant cost to the product.

Entech Electronics, in conjunction with Ingenium Technologies, designed a new injecton molded cover, to be stronger, more robust, and far cheaper than the current machined part.  We also redesigned the base plate to minimise the machine time required, and make the part manufacturable through our low cost suppliers in China.

The end result is that Ingenium Technologies is able to compete, with their uniquely superior product, at a price point comparable with other MPPT solar regulators.

For more information on Ingenium Technologies, and their range of products and services visit:
Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
A custom LCD could be just the thing to make your product stick out from the crowd.  A custom LCD also makes economic sense, as unit pricing is more often than not, cheaper than a generic display of the same size and drive technology.  Tooling for passive  LCD's start from as low as $600USD and head upwards from there depending on the the crystal/fluid type and driver technology you require.  To get an accurate quote on your requirements, or to get help with an LCD for your next product, drop our engineer department an email on: eeos@eem.entechgroup.net  and they will get back to you to discuss your needs.
Next Month: ThinLinX
thinlinX preview

ThinLinX builds proprietary hardware, provides software services and hosts specific business applications. Our software runs on our specifically designed hardware, the Hot-e®, or existing Personal computers (PC's). This enables a complete turn-key solution by accessing centrally controlled data, and thereby eliminating the complexity of desktop computing. ThinLinx has recently entered the Thin-client industry by releasing our ultra compact product the Hot-e®

Read more next month.
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