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August 2010
August, 2010 - Vol 2, Issue 3
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Whats news: Security upgrade completed
Customer and product profile: ThinLinX
Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
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Prototype Assembly Service
If anyone can reliably place fine pitch leaded and BGA devices during prototype or short run builds, it's Entech's Prototype department. Headed up by Paul Galbory, Paul is probably the most experienced technician in the country for placing such devices.
aquaspy article
With a full compliment of Vapour Phase reflow, BGA rework stations,  ERSA Scope and X-Ray facilities, Paul and his team can handle just about any challenge that comes their way.
Email: proto@eem.entechgroup.net or phone +61 8 8245 6789 for further details or a professional quote.

Whats news:  Security upgrade completed in August 2010.
Entech's commitment to IP control and security has shifted to a new level.  With 32 monitored high resolution, low light video cameras operating 24/7 and bank grade security windows installed on external windows, Entech's high level of security is comparable to a defence establishment.
"With increased defence and homeland security work taking place within our walls, it was the responsible thing to do for our customers." CEO Wayne Hoffman says.  "It further strengthens our commitment to the security of intellectual property and the safety of our staff."

Entech has a long history of manufacturing defence and licensed bank products and the demand for our services in these sectors continues to grow. 
Entech Devon Park
Customer and product profile: ThinLinX Hot-e
ThinLinX is an Australian owned and operated company, based in sunny Queensland.

ThinLinX designs it's own hardware, provides software services and hosts specific business applications. Their software runs on specifically designed hardware, the Hot-e®, or existing Personal computers (PC's). This enables a complete turn-key solution by accessing centrally controlled data, and thereby eliminating the complexity of desktop computing. ThinLinx has recently entered the Thin-client industry by releasing their ultra compact product the Hot-e

ThinLinX's Thin Client Terminals are more than a cost-effective alternative to standard PCs. End-users run their Windows®, Linux and mainframe applications directly from data center servers, enabling centralized application management, network plug-and-play conveniences, higher security and reliability, and much lower IT support costs.

The Hot-e® is available in several flavours depending on the nature of your network/application deployment.  The latest offering includes the multimedia version, capable of full video display in realtime, you would think it was a normal PC with graphics accelerator, but it's all coming "over the wire".

Entech and ThinLinX have enjoyed a business relationship for several years now.  With speed to market, and response to market being key drivers for ThinLinX, Entech has been able to offer 24Hr 6  and 8 layer PCB manufacture, and 24Hr prototype assembly services, ensuring ThinLinX can deliver tailored products to clients like Microsoft less than a week after a customisation is requested.

The choice of Entech as a manufacturing partner was made simple by Entech's ability to scale production across both facilities.  Pilot builds are managed through the Adelaide Australia plant, and larger 10K+ volumes are handled through the Entech Shenzhen factory, in PingShan PRC.  A model equally favoured by ThinlinxX client base.

To understand more about the Hot-e®, visit the website at: www.thinlinx.com  or email your request for information to:  info@thinlinx.com

Custom LCD: Does your product have the look?
A custom LCD could be just the thing to make your product stick out from the crowd.  A custom LCD also makes economic sense, as unit pricing is more often than not, cheaper than a generic display of the same size and drive technology.  Tooling for passive  LCD's start from as low as $600USD and head upwards from there depending on the the crystal/fluid type and driver technology you require.  To get an accurate quote on your requirements, or to get help with an LCD for your next product, drop our engineer department an email on: sales@ecg.entechgroup.net  and they will get back to you to discuss your needs.
Entech Electronics is committed to being your one stop manufacturing partner. From your smallest PCB needs, to large scale turnkey manufacture, we have the capability and commitment to deliver on your requirements.
Your friendly customer service team,
Entech Electronics