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Quality Accreditations

ISO-9000 Accreditation
All Entech Group processes and procedures are fully documented and the following ISO-9000 Series accreditation in place:
  • ISO-9001 accreditation for the  design and manufacture of printed circuit boards, membrane keyboards and screen printed products (Standards Australia reference QEC200)
  • ISO-9002 accreditation for the manufacture of electronic products and assemblies (standards Australia reference QEC3625)

These certifications play a key part in assuring product traceability, process uniformity, and conformity to customer specification.

Underwriters Laboratory
The following UL approvals are applicable to PCBs supplied by  Entech:
  • Underwriters Laboratory Approval (Specification 94V-0, file reference E137389)
  • UL file has been extended to include Canadian CSA Approval
IPC Standard

The Entech Group Companies apply the appropriate IPC standards according to type of product and individual customer requirements.

Some of the applicable standards are:
  • IPC-A-600F PCB acceptance standard
  • IPC-6012 qualification and performance specification for rigid PCBs
  • IPC-2615 PCB dimensions and tolerance testing
  • IPC-TM-650 test methodologies
  • IPC-4101 specifications for base materials for rigid and multilayer PCBs

MIL Standards
Printed Circuit Boards can be supplied to the following Military Standards where required:
  • MIL-P-55110 D/E PCB standard
  • MIL-P-13949  base material inspection standard
  • MIL-STD-105 sample test specification