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Laser Cut Stencils

Entech Electronics offers cost effective and economical laser cut stencils for direct printing of solder paste on interposers and flip chips. The following highlights some of the advantages of using laser cut stencils:
• High precision for sizes, dimensions and positioning
• Short Processing cycle
• Planned control for consistent high quality
• Uniform material thickness
• Excellent release properties
• Sharply defined edges
• Well-defined taper
• Uniform area tension
• Smooth, wave-free contact sides
• Burr-free upper surfaces

Laser Cut
The laser equipment is computer driven and specifically designed to cut through metal plates. The equipment used consists of the laser head, motion orientation system and computer software. All of these things make stencil production more accurate, efficient and less time consuming. The laser head produces a focused beam to heat, melt and vapour the material to create the cut the required pattern.

Laser Cut + Electropolish
With the increasing application of SMT assembled Fine Pitch, conventional laser stencils cannot meet all customers demands. Electroetching laser stencils are simply etched by acid liquid after being laser cut. This removes all burrs and smoothes hole walls. During this process the hole size and stencil thickness does not change and the high precision of being laser cut is kept. This is ideal for fine spacing and accurate solderpaste results.

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Laser Cut
Fabrication Method Frame Spec

Laser Cut 23” x 23” or Larger
Laser Cut + Electropolish 23” x 23” or Larger
Smaller than 23” x 23”
Laser Cut + Electropolish Smaller than 23” x 23”
Laser Cut Stainless Steel Less Frame
Laser Cut + Electropolish Stainless Steel Less Frame