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Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)

Entech Electronics provides a range of high quality standard and customized LCD panels and modules in various technologies including TN, STN, HTN and FSTN. Packaging options include COB, COG, TAB.

Passive glass panel types are well suited to designs that incorporate LCD drive electronics, whereas the module types include additional circuitry to provide an easily implemented interface to a range of data bus architectures.

  • LCD Panels (Passive Glass panels)
    Standard range or custom designed segment display and icon panels with FPC connector tail, straight or curved pins and zebra strip connections.
  • LCD Module (Character and Graphic Modules)
    Standard range or custom designed character and graphic modules with COB, COG or TAB technology with optional LED, EL and CCFL backlighting.
  • Viewing characteristics can be tailored by utilising the most appropriate LCD technology :
    • TN: Twisted Nematic
    • HTN (High Twisted Nematic): wider viewing angle to TN
    • STN (Super Twisted Nematic): high contrast and wide viewing angle and available with different background colors (eg Yellow / green with black characters, Silver / grey with black characters, Dark blue with white characters)
    • FSTN (Film Super twisted Nematic): offers black and white STN with very high contrast ratio for large graphic displays.
  • Other display options available include:
    • Display modes: Positive or negative image
    • Polarizing modes: Reflective, Transflective and Transmissive
    • Viewing direction: 12 O'clock (from above) or 6 O'clock (from below)


Entech can also provide a complete LCD design, tooling and prototyping service to ensure that the most appropriate technology is applied to each customer's requirement.


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