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Silicon Keypads imageSilicon Keypads

Entech Electronics offers a complete range of silicon keypads to suit a variety of end-user applications. Technologies available include laser etched, multi-coloured, wear-resist coated and plastic feel keypads and keycaps. Our keypads can also incorporate a wide range of requirements in tactile feel, switch travel, endurance characteristics, aesthetic appeal, plastic keycaps and contouring.

Laser etched keypads
Laser etched keypads are produced using translucent coloured silicones with printed keytops, which are sprayed with silicone paint. After curing, the paint is laser etched to expose the translucent ink below. When backlit only the etched characters transmit light. This makes the keypads ideal for applications where excess light spillage would detract from the usability of the end product. Most colours are available for spraying including metallic colours such as silver and brass.

Multi-coloured keypads
Multi-coloured keypads can allow many different key colours within the one keypad. Various international color standards are accommodated, in addition to our ability to match client supplied colour swatches. By applying the colour to the key, rather than printing the colour on top of the key, the cost of the keypad is reduced and the risk of ink wear is minimised.

Wear-resistant coated keypads
Wear-resistant coated keypads are manufactured by applying a coating to the keypad after the post curing process, which ensures that any printing or spraying is also protected by the coating. This technique is recommended in high usage or environmentally harsh environments.

Plastic feel keypads/plastic keycaps
Plastic feel keypads/plastic keycaps combine the cost savings and ease of assembly offered by silicone keypads with the feel and aesthetics of a plastic keycap. This is achieved using plastic keycaps, or by applying an epoxy coating to the keytop. In addition, thermoformed keypads can be produced where the key height is low and the key travel short.